A Day in London: Some Art & Lunch at The Life Goddess

Ναι…. ΄Οντως είναι από τα καλύτερα Ελληνικά στέκια στο Λονδίνο, παίρνεις και για το ντουλάπι σου προμήθειες….

Travel Gourmet


In my search for good Greek food in London a few months ago – soon after I returned from Crete – I found The Life Goddess recommended by Victoria Hislop on her website and thought I must try it sometime. Today I decided to make the most of a free day and head into central London. I thought I could take in another visit to the British Museum’s Defining Beautyexhibition since I now have a Members’ annual pass, and then go to nearby Store Street in Bloomsbury to have a Greek lunch at The Life Goddess.


I always feel a slight thrill at entering the British Museum. The Central Court is stunning. Despite my original intention, I was diverted away from Greek art and headed instead into the Indigenous Australia exhibition. I’ve never been to Australia but have for some time felt a bond through using the wonderful Australian…

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